Aesculapian Society
School of Medicine Queen's University

AS Clothing 2016 and QMed 2019/2020 Clothing

Aesculapian Society and Class of 2019/2020 Clothing Sale:

Double check that the final amount on PayPal matches what you believe it should be. Please refer back to your original order form and make sure you pay for EVERYTHING that you ordered.

If you are not using your own credit card for purchasing clothing (or paying for someone else), please make sure to include a PayPal note so we know who the order is for (see here). IF WE DO NOT HAVE A RECORD OF RECEIVING YOUR PAYMENT, WE CANNOT HAND OVER CLOTHING TO YOU.

Clothing questions? Contact [email protected]
PayPal questions? Contact [email protected]

AS 2016 Clothing

AS Mug: $8.53

AS Dad 1/4 Zip: $26.33

AS Profesh Fleece Zip-up: $55.20

AS V neck T-shirts: $8.74

AS Longsleeve T-shirts: $10.59

I Love QMed T-shirt: $12.75

AS Tank Top: $12.60

AS Athletic Longsleeve: $14.76

AS Crewneck: $54.48

AS Hoodie: $31.38

AS Sweatpants: $25.10

AS Ball Cap: $16.10

2020 American Apparel Hoodie: $54.58

2019 Toque: $15.89