Aesculapian Society
School of Medicine Queen's University

AS Council

2018-2019 Aesculapian Society Council

For web-related issues, please contact Shubham Sharma at [email protected]
To contact the whole AS Council, email [email protected]

Position Name Email
Contact about:
-Anything and everything!
Rae Woodhouse
AS President
[email protected]
Contact about:
-Agenda/motions/discussion items
-AS council meetings
-Constitution concerns
-AS/Class council roles
Lauren Wierenga
AS Speaker

[email protected]
Vice President-Internal Affairs
Contact about:
-Mentorship program
-School of Medicine Building (ex: booking rooms)
-Aesculapian Society awards.
Jonathan Cook
AS VP Internal
[email protected]
Vice President-External Affairs, Senior Craig Rodrigues
AS VP External
[email protected]
Vice President-External Affairs, Junior Charles Paco
AS VP External, Junior
[email protected]
Vice President-Academic Affairs
Contact about:
-Course/professor evaluations
-Academic initiatives
-HG Kelly Lectureship
Avrilynn Ding
AS VP Academic
[email protected]
Vice Chair-Education Committee Danny Jomaa
[email protected]
Vice President-Finance
Contact about:
-ASIA awards

-AS funding and budget
Claire Moura
AS VP Finance
[email protected]
Contact about:
-Cheque requests
-AS Funding and Budget
Laura Mantella
AS Treasurer
[email protected]
Communications Officer
Contact about: site
-Paypal questions
-MedTech questions/feedback
-AS meeting minutes
-AS newsletter
-Social media
-If you don't know who to contact!
Shubham Sharma
AS Communications Officer
[email protected]
Wellness Officer
Contact about:
-Wellness curriculum
-Wellness month
-Mental health resources
-Wellness and Mental Health Committee
Lori Minassian
AS Wellness Officer
[email protected]
Equity Officer Alan Huynh
AS Equity Officer
[email protected]
Student Initiatives and Research Officer
Contact about:
- AS calendar
- Student-run events
- Research opportunity related questions 
Tania Yavorska
[email protected]
Student Interest Group Coordinator Anna Tyker
[email protected]
Social Affairs Officer
Contact about:
- Social Events

- AS Formal
- AS Clothing
Danielle Robinson
AS Social Affairs Officer
[email protected]
Global Health Liaison, Senior Sharon Yeung
AS Global Health
[email protected]
Global Health Liaison, Junior Cara Van Der Merwe
AS Global Health, Junior
[email protected]
University Affairs Officer, Senior
Contact about:

-Connections between QMed and the rest of Queen's
-The Alma Mater Society (AMS), Queen's undergraduate society
-Interprofessional opportunities and education
Courtney Leach
AS University Affairs
[email protected]
University Affairs Officer, Junior
Contact about:

-Same as above
Shaun Lampen
AS UA Officers Junior
[email protected]
Athletics Officer (1) Emma Spence
AS Athletics 1
[email protected]
Athletics Officer (2) Noah Liberman
AS Athletics 2
[email protected]
Class President(s)-Fourth Year Stella Tung and Adam Searle
[email protected]
Class President(s)-Third Year Cale Templeton and Julia Milden
 3rd Year Co-Pres 3rd Year Co-Pres
[email protected]
Class President(s)-Second Year Josh Gnanasegaram
2nd Year Pres
[email protected]
Class President(s)-First Year Andriy Katyukha
1st Year Pres
[email protected]
Past President Cale Templeton
Past President
[email protected]
Honourary President Dr. Susan L. Moffatt
AS Honorary President
[email protected]