Aesculapian Society
School of Medicine Queen's University

AS Council

2015-2016 Aesculapian Society Council

For web-related issues, please contact Adam Mitha at [email protected]

Position Name Email
President Jonathan Krett [email protected]
Speaker Jordan Sugarman [email protected]
Vice President-Internal Wei Sim [email protected]
Vice President-External Graham Skelhorne-Gross [email protected]
Vice President-External, Junior Andrew Dawson [email protected]
Vice President-Academic Calvin Santiago [email protected]
Vice President-Finance Nickolaus Biasutti [email protected]
Treasurer Adam Searle [email protected]
Senator Connor Wells [email protected]
Communications Officer Adam Mitha  [email protected]
Wellness Officer Meghan Bhatia [email protected]
Student Initiatives Liaison Matthew Connell [email protected]
Social Coordinator Christina Moi [email protected]
Global Health Liason Erica McKenzie [email protected]
Global Health Liason, Junior Daniel Korpal [email protected]
AMS Respresentative Zain Siddiqui [email protected]
AMS Representative, Junior Céline Allen [email protected]
Athletic Stick (1) Shelby Stanojev [email protected]
Athletic Stick (2) Nathan Terrana [email protected]
Class President(s)-Fourth Year Sean Henderson and Graydon Simmons [email protected]
Class President(s)-Third Year Laura Bosco and Mike Baxter [email protected]
Class President(s)-Second Year Monica Mullin [email protected]
Class President(s)-First Year Gray Moonen [email protected]
Past President Jonathan Cluett [email protected]
Honourary President Dr. Lewis L. Tomalty [email protected]